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The Lockwoods | Family shoot | Ipswich {Nicole Orlowski Photography | Brisbane family photographer

I photographed Terri's first pregnancy and later Audrey (her first daughter) with her best friend, so to photograph her family with daughter #2 at their family property in Ipswich was extra special.

Terri holds a very special place in my heart because I've always looked up to her. When I relieved in plain clothes in policing for the first time, I was lucky enough to work with Terri who showed me the ropes and ultimately inspired me to pursue becoming a Detective. Whilst she absolutely smashed the world of fighting crime, she cared for her sick mother and to see her juggling her life with grace was so incredibly inspiring. She pushed me and always looked out for me even though we ended up in different places, because that's just the woman she is. Terri then lost her mother and in the same year she lost her brother whilst looking after Audrey.

So, you can see why photographing Terri and her family means more. Memories for them are everything. They have been through unimaginable heartbreak, yet still show up as inspiration for others. I wish I had been closer with Terri when her family was together so I could give them all the gift of tangible memories. There's no use wishing so I endeavour to photograph all life changing moments for Terri and her family.

Ageing, disease, unexpected sickness and accidents happen. You don't think it will happen to you. You think spending hundreds of dollars on family photos is ridiculous. You hate having your photo taken.....but are all those reasons worth having no beautifully captured tangible memories of loved ones? Would you look back and say, "thank goodness I didn't spend any money on family photos"? Don't be that person. Get family photos with a photographer that you connect with so the results are natural and reflect exactly how you were at that time.


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