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Mel + John | Couples | Stradbroke Island {Nicole Orlowski Photography | Queensland photographer}

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Earlier in the year I took a much needed break and headed to North Stradbroke Island with my partner's work team and their lovers. Of course I always think of photography opportunities especially in amazing places like "Straddie", so I asked Mel and John if they'd be keen for a couples shoot and they were more than you'll see ;)

The day we decided to shoot it was on and off rain but these adventurous souls gave zero f*cks so off we went exploring the island. We found giant dead trees next to an industrial zone, an empty beach with storm clouds above and a friendly kangaroo, strange trees and to top it all off a huge amount of bats flew overhead right at the end. It was magical.

I had only met this couple a few times prior to this camping trip and I saw their love for each other but nothing prepared me for what I was about to witness. These two were wildly in love and weren't afraid to show it. It may have helped that the night before we star gazed on the beach, exchanged our love stories and had #deepandmeaningfuls

It's so rare to see two people open up, show vulnerability and just be themselves. Give me more because this is the result...raw and deeply meaningful memories captured forever!


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