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Erin + Travis | Couples | Bali, Indonesia {Nicole Orlowski Photography | Destination Photographer

Whenever I go on holiday I put it out there on my socials for anyone I know in the hopes someone will be there and I can convince them to have a shoot! I just love the challenge of photographing in a new place with different weather, colours, textures and the added bonus of people in holiday bliss mode.

So last year whilst on holiday in Bali, Indonesia I got to photograph a fellow colleague who I worked with in the mean streets of West End, Brisbane ;) back in the day and her partner Travis.

I'll be honest, I had an insane headache and had been sick for three days prior but couldn't let this shoot slip as I was desperate to capture photos in the rice fields and beach. I wonder if they noticed? Probably not....I'm an expert in faking it until you make it haha ;) that's life though right!?

I hopped on my moped and we met on a random street just north of Canggu. I hadn't 't met Travis before but we were instantly friends....what a guy he is!!! An army man with a heart of absolute gold which was focused only on Erin and it made for magic.

I give couples two options, prompts with silly games and fun things to do or if they're very comfortable around a camera, I let them go for gold. Well, they said they were nervous so I started with a couple prompts and then boooooom, they were very much into each other and didn't need anything more.

From the rice fields of Canggu, Bali, we went between Pererenan and Munggu beach for sunset. On the way there were more rice fields and by this time the sun was setting perfectly so we grabbed a couple of snaps there and hurried to the beach for last light.

My dream is to combine my love for travel, adventure, love and photography to create lifelong memories for people who treasure human connection. So, if you or someone you know if getting hitched overseas, having a destination wedding, destination elopement or any kind of adventure and you're in need of a photographer, give me a bell because I'm there in a heart beat!

Nic x


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