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Caroline + Luke | Couples | Queenstown, NZ {Nicole Orlowski Photography | Queenstown photographer}

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

I took Caroline and Luke on a little road trip just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand to a beautiful place called Moke Lake. The drive itself was absolutely stunning so we were so excited to get out there and explore. What better way than whilst on holiday to capture a couples crazy love for each other!? You're in that holiday mode, seeing new sights and experiencing new things together whilst full on delicious food and a few beers haha...well this couple decided they needed a few beers to relax because having their photo taken was terrifying!

Take a look at what I captured during my couples session and tell me if you think they were nervous.....thought not! That's because I love hanging out, inappropriate jokes, doing stupid shit and getting to know you and all your silly little secrets like the first time you farted in front of each other...I just laughed writing this haha! So if you're reading this and thinking about getting photos of you and your lover, do it! It's scary at first if you're a bit shy but I promise, you'll forget about the camera in no time and in return you'll have photographs of who you truly are with each other for a lifetime.

Oh and if you haven't noticed already, I fucking love tattoos so I get tattoo specific photos if you have them because, well, it looks awesome! If you're wondering who these amazing tattoos are by go check out Mystik from Harpoon and Highwater in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.


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